The Pros and Cons of Smart Showers

As you know, Smart Showers are one of 2022’s 8 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends.

The modern bathroom continues to be impacted by our ever-growing reliance on technology. Smart Showers combine digital shower with smart home connectivity. They allow users to turn on their showers with their mobile devices. In this mobile-centric world, it’s no wonder that bathrooms have caught on to mobile trends.

If you’re considering implementing a smart shower into your home, it’s important to weigh your options. There are many pros and cons to Smart Showers. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we advise that you review the following before you decide to go mobile with your bathroom.



You may have heard of Smart showers like U by Moen which help you control your shower by voice, phone, and controller. Just download their app and get your shower running with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.


Smart Showers keep your showering preferences in mind! When you activate a shower from your phone, your choice of water pressure, temperature, etc. is implemented. You’ll be notified once the shower is set to your satisfaction so you don’t have to stand in the shower and wait for that perfect temperature.

Energy Efficient

If preferable, your Smart Shower can function as a personal assistant! Smart showers can track daily water usage and send alerts if anything about your plumbing feels out of the ordinary. Smart showers also save energy. Most of us spend a lot of time running water until that temperature is just right. Smart Showers set your shower to an ideal temperature so you don’t have to waste time or resources.



Unlike other types of bathroom installations, smart showers cost a lot of money up front. If you don’t have the funds to install your smart shower right away, then you might want to wait. If you go with a Smart Shower, the trade off is you’ll end up paying less in monthly utility bills. It all depends on your budget and needs at this time.

Technical Difficulties

Smart showers are run off your internet. A spotty internet connection equals a not so great showering experience! Also, if your power or plumbing goes out, you won’t have access to your shower. If you’re prone to frequent power outages, you might want to consider a different type of bathroom renovation.


Unless you’re tech savvy, a Smart shower could take some getting used to! If you’re not comfortable with apps, settings, etc., then you may not enjoy the benefits of digital plumbing.

Smart showers may not be an ideal situation for small children or your older in-laws. Some people may feel as though too much technology offers little privacy. Whatever you decide, an eye or ear for technology can go a long way with the Smart shower.

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