Small Details that Elevate the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom in No Time

Adding details to a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t need a major makeover to make your bathroom feel expensive. We have ideas for small bathroom decor and remodeling. Sure you can splurge on a frameless shower door or get yourself a beautiful tub, but if these aren’t in your budget’s scope, there are still ways to lift the look and feel of your space without having to spend a fortune and make the design feel more sophisticated and luxurious. 

Here are our small bathroom decor ideas for elevating your favorite place in the house to unwind:

  • Decide on eye-catching and bright colors. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom, the first thing you have to decide on is your color scheme. An easy way to give your room a spacious look is to use lots of white whether it’s a white paint, a white tile, or a white vanity. This noncolor-color naturally recedes, making the space look bigger. It also allows maximum light to enter, rather than absorbing light. Highlight bold hues with coordinating accessories and towels to complete the color and style scheme. 
  • Bring walls to life. Add some color to your bathroom walls. You can try having a wallpaper. Put up some art. It would be nice to hung up illustrations, paintings, drawings, photos or typography in your bathroom walls. To make the most of your budget, opt for just an accent wall or ceiling to curb costs.
  • Organize your bathroom drawers. Bathroom drawers have tendency to get disorganized. From medicine to makeup and spare toothbrushes, a drawer ensures that everything has a proper spot. 
  • Set the mood with lighting. Good lighting is important to making any space look open and spacious. It’s especially important in bathrooms, which often don’t have much natural light available. Try having an overhead lighting that makes a stylish statement. There are some beautiful lighting options available that don’t cost a ton of money. See your space transform by hanging a chandelier in the middle of the room or over a soaking tub to make a luxurious and stunning impact.
  • Add mirrors. Install larger — and more — mirrors than you typically would in a bathroom. The reflected light will open your small space to make it feel more spacious. If you have a plain bathroom mirror in the standard square or rectangle shape, look for an alternative with more stylish details. Choose a mirror with a little more personality to give your space a more designed look which is something far from basic. Look for interesting shapes, vintage or antique detailing, or a grand size to add plenty of light. If you’re on a budget, you can scour through flea markets for affordable options.
  • Go frameless in the shower. Another great way to expand the look of your space is by replacing a shower curtain with a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door removes any unwanted visual obstructions for those with smaller spaces. The minimalist design of the frameless shower door exudes elegance and luxury. With this door, your bathroom will feel more open, and it will create a spa-like experience than using shower curtains or regular doors. Frameless shower doors can help keep you calm when in the bathroom.

While any redesign can be a daunting task, elevating the look and feel of your bathroom doesn’t have to be. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles. Keep in mind that there are no rules when it comes to expressing your style at home. Just a few changes to your bathroom can make dramatic differences in how it feels. Feel free to contact Same Day Frameless Shower Doors in Houston TX for more information about bathroom designs. 

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