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Cleaning mold in your shower after it’s formed is hard, so prevention is your best defense. Bathroom mold forms because of high moisture levels as a result of hot showers and baths. Mold is unsightly, but it can be dangerous. Alternaria is the most common type of mold growing in bathroom wet areas. It is the primary mold responsible for asthma-like symptoms and can penetrate deeply into the respiratory system. This velvet-textured, dark-colored mold spreads quickly. Luckily, there are some excellent ways to eliminate moisture and stop mold from forming in your tubs and showers. We’ll show you how to clean mold in shower before it becomes a nagging problem.

1. Use shower caddies to hold personal cleaning products

Are you one of those people who enjoy the convenience of storing your bottles of shampoo, jars of sugar scrubs, cans of shave creams and body washes inside the shower? If so, you could be creating the perfect breeding ground for mold, unless you keep them in a shower caddy, shelf or rack. Storing your products on the shower floor or bathtub edges allows moisture to get trapped underneath the containers. To get rid of mold in the shower, be sure to place these items in a plastic or stainless steel shower organizer with slots or drain holes.

2. Run a fan while showering

The sound can disrupt your zen and be annoying, but a bathroom exhaust fan is one of the best ways to rid your entire bathroom of moisture. They function as a suction, pulling moisture up and out of the bathroom. A properly installed exhaust fan is connected to an insulated duct that moves the humidity from your bathroom to the exterior of the home. Mold remediation experts suggest running the fan while you shower and for 15-30 minutes after.

Healthy Building Science, an environmental consulting firm, offers a simple trick to make sure your exhaust fan is working. They recommend placing a single square of toilet paper along the fan vent while the fan is on. If the fan holds the piece of tissue in place, it’s working. But, if it falls, the fan isn’t working and won’t be effective to get rid of mold.

What to do if your don’t have a exhaust fan installed

If you don’t have a bathroom exhaust fan or it isn’t working, you still have a couple other easy options. One option, which costs nothing, is to open the bathroom window to allow outside air to circulate inside the bathroom. This works best if you don’t live in a very humid environment. If your climate is humid or you don't have a window, buy a portable dehumidifier. These devices either absorb or cool air to get rid of mold in the shower or any other room in the house.

3. Dry shower walls after showering

Your shower walls and floors are the wettest areas in your bathroom, making them a prime location for mold growth. To prevent mold in the shower, use a squeegee to pull excess water off your shower wall. We know this seems like a lot of work, so if you’re not up for it, use a towel instead. It takes less than 60 seconds to complete this task and could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in mold remediation costs later.

4. Seal grout with a waterproof sealer

Grout, the material used to fill the spaces between tiles is typically made of sand which makes it very porous. Meaning, it contains small holes that can trap water. The water that gets inside of grout’s pores is able to migrate beneath the tiles and can cause major mold growth your eye can’t see. If you have shower tiles and your installers did not use an epoxy-based grout, you will need to use a grout sealant. Resealing shower grout once or twice a year helps get rid of mold in the shower by locking out moisture. Use a water or mineral-based sealant to add a protective membrane over the grout and keep water from penetrating its surface.

Get some great tips and DIY advice on how to choose and apply grout sealer from The Flooring Girl.

5. Install a frameless shower enclosure

Frameless shower doors are a popular trend in modern bathroom designs, but they also have amazing benefits beyond aesthetics. One of the most practical benefits is they lower the risk of bathroom mold. Because of gravity and engineering, water eventually drains from shower walls and floors, except for areas where it gets trapped. Traditional glass shower enclosures are installed using aluminum frames. Whether the doors are sliding or hinged, the bottom frames hold on to water and residue. But, with frameless shower enclosures, there are no seals or tracks that harbor stagnant water. Instead, water is able to drain and dry allowing homeowners to prevent mold in the shower door frames.

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6. Purchase mold resistant shower curtains

According to the professionals at Everyday Health, the most dangerous black molds are invisible, though some may show up on your shower curtains as mildew. When shopping for shower curtains or liners, look for ones made using polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). Curtains made with PE or PEVA are waterproof and easier to keep clean.

7. Use a daily shower cleaner

One of the easiest steps you can take to get rid of mold in the shower every day is to use a daily shower cleaner. When choosing a spray, make sure you select one that also targets mold prevention. Daily shower sprays are best used after the last shower each day to keep showers clean and mold free. The best thing about them is you can make them with items you may already have in your pantry or utility closet. America’s favorite TV handyman, Bob Vila, offers four homemade shower cleaner recipes to help you prevent shower mold.

At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we offer Six Shield Protective coating to protect your shower glass from surrounding elements. This treatment creates a smoother, water-repellent surface that makes cleaning a breeze! Learn More.

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