Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Bathroom

How to Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Bathroom

From COVID-19 to natural disasters, more people are choosing to stay indoors. Staying home is a great way to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But staying indoors for too long can get tiring and lonely. One way to help with COVID-19 related anxiety is to make your home as comfortable as possible.

At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we care about your comfort and satisfaction. We recommend making your bathroom as beautiful and soothing as possible. Check out these fun and safe ways to bring natural elements into your bathroom.

Add Plants

Consider adding a houseplant to your bathroom. Living plants improve the air quality and decor of your bathroom, making the space an overall pleasant experience for the user. Bathrooms are great for the plants too. When you think about it, bathrooms are kind of like an indoor green house. Bathrooms tend to run hot and humid due to shower use. Plus water is readily available so you don’t have to think twice about watering. This provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the plant.

Be sure to choose the right plant for your bathroom. Not all plants thrive in hot and humid conditions. For example, succulents and cactuses tend to thrive in drier environments. Plants that prefer sunnier environments probably won’t do well in a bathroom setting. The following plants are a great choice for your bathroom:

  • Bamboo-Bamboo thrives in bathroom environments. We recommend keeping them in containers as bamboo can grow larger than life! Even in containers, bamboo will require repotting. Don’t add bamboo to your bathroom unless you have the time to properly take care of it.
  • Asparagus Fern-Beautiful asparagus ferns love the humidity. It’s best to place them in a sunny part of the bathroom, as sunlight provides the right amount of nutrients.
  • Begonia-Begonias grow well in containers and love the humidity! If you purchase a flowering Begonia, be sure to leave it in the sunniest spot in your bathroom just to be on the safe side.

Turn Your Bathroom Wall into a Living Wall

Living walls are another trend that can beautify your bathroom. A living wall is a type of indoor vertical garden that adds beauty to your home. Like other plants, living walls can thrive in hot and humid environments such as a bathroom. Living walls create a natural feel and can draw a user’s attention away from imperfections or a bland environment. The downside to living walls is that they are costly and high maintenance. You’ll have to really love plants in order to maintain a healthy living wall. The results are worth it! Nothing says natural beauty like an indoor living wall.