Why Frameless Shower Doors Need Glass Protectants 

Frameless Shower Doors and Glass Protectants

There’s no way around it. Safe and long-lasting frameless shower doors come with glass protectants. A protective shield helps protect your frameless shower door from bacteria and damage.

There are many types of glass protectants for your shower doors. We recommend having a professional treat your shower doors but understand some people would rather do it themselves for a variety of reasons.

The following glass protectants will help keep your frameless shower door safe, beautiful, and strong.

Best Glass Protectants for Frameless Shower Doors

Six Shield Protective Coating

All of our frameless shower doors are treated with our original glass protectant known as Six Shield. Six Shield Protective Coating helps protect your shower door from the surrounding elements. Protective coating reacts with the silica molecules of the glass to create a surface that is smoother and water-repellent.

You want your frameless shower door to repel water as much as possible. Traditional shower doors are more likely to trap water in their hinges. This can lead to bathroom mold which can lead to health issues and financial costs down the road. With a protected frameless shower door, you can avoid unnecessary dangers and headaches. A strong protective glass coating like Six Shield can go a long way.

Some installation companies offer glass protective treatment at an additional price. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, every installation is treated with Six Shield Protective Coating at no extra cost. We believe that bathroom safety and longevity are a given. If you purchase your frameless glass door elsewhere, we recommend paying the extra price for a glass protective. Technicians are trained and certified to handle all forms of glass installation and treatment. You might as well take advantage of as many resources as possible.

How to prevent molds in the shower? Read this article

Other Types of Glass Protectants:

As mentioned, we recommend you leave glass treatment to the professionals. However, if you’re on a budget or would like to freshen up your frameless glass door, the following are a few glass protectants worth looking into.


ShowerGuard is an easy to use glass protectant that helps keep minerals, soap scum, etc. from sticking to your glass door. Maintenance is periodic and won’t take up much of your time. You’ll need a few common household cleaners such as a soft cloth or wet sponge to put ShowerGuard to use. This glass protectant is great for touch ups and doesn’t require a deep clean. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we recommend wearing gloves and a face mask when cleaning your bathroom.


Hydroshield for Glass is an excellent glass protectant. This protectant treats glass at the microscopic level. Its surface protection creates a covalent bond that helps eliminate microscopic pores. This leaves an invisible coating that makes cleaning frameless shower doors easier to do.

No matter who installs your frameless shower door, glass protection and treatment is a must! Glass protectants prevent damage long before it has a chance to occur. At Same Day Frameless Shower Door, we’ve got you covered the same day! Call now to receive a quote on one of our many beautiful types of frameless shower doors.

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