How to choose the right light fixtures for your bathroom

Finding the right light fixtures can make or break your bathroom remodeling experience. We tend to spend mornings getting ready for work or getting ready to go out in the evening, the right lighting makes all the difference. Use this article to find out the best tips to find the right light fixtures for your perfect bathroom remodeling.

Visualize the space in its completed stage

When coming into a bathroom remodeling, many things should be considered, the type of style, the contractors, and the type of lighting the space deserves to provide the most accurate lighting for your space. How to choose the right light fixtures for your bathroom

The best way to visualize the space is to make an outline, it can be done on special online interior design tools such as Modsy or simply take a piece of paper and find the right fit for you with a simple pen and sketch of the bathroom of your dreams. Experts suggest, considering if you need frameless shower doors, bathroom light fixtures (and where they must go!), along with bathroom vanity lighting fixtures, and bathroom ceiling light fixtures.

Now, with all the choices you have to make about the lighting, it’s probably something you’d thought about, but dreaded thinking about when the moment came in the bathroom remodeling process.

Remember the light direction

Never forget that lighting is incredibly important for everyday life, most essential it to note where the light naturally comes in. In other words, it’s essential to think about how the light comes into the bathroom and how that interacts with the current lighting available.

For example, choosing the right direction of your light shares is based on what type of light you want in your bathroom. There is three types that generally stand out, ambient, task, or accent. These all provide the room with different moods and attitudes, if you would like more general lighting, choose ambient. However, if you are one of those people who need focused and concentrated light, the best bet for you is a task lighting.

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Upward-facing light provides ambient light, providing light for the whole room mimicking natural light in your bathroom. If you would rather have a more focused task, then using downward-facing lighting from natural right is better for tasks like makeup or grooming.

Making a great choice depends on your needs and your personal preferences regarding natural light and the style of your bathroom.

Types of Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are typically installed right above your mirror, including between two and eight lights, most of the time people stick with three bulbs as the most common fit. However, that’s not the only option.

When it comes to vanity lights, the choices are incredibility complex, everything you have worked for in your bathroom remodeling can hinge on the perfect vanity light. A well-lit bathroom is a nice way to instantly upgrade a bathroom’s mood and space, especially for bathrooms that lack natural lighting.

There are many different styles for the wonderfully varied bathroom styles. Perhaps a modern style would suit or a more contemporary, but sleek design would fit your bathroom’s dimension and design. Remember, the type of mirror you own or want to add to the bathroom is a great focal point.

Vanity lights should complement your mirror when remodeling a bathroom. Think about the finish such as glass or silver, gold, or amber and decide how that would work for your space.

Other lights for your bathroom

 When it comes to the right light fixtures, there’s more than just bathroom vanity lighting fixtures. The crucial part is matching your lighting with your bathroom light fixtures.  There's a bath bar, bath sconces, and recessed shower lighting to think about in the bathroom remodeling process.

Bath bar lights, while similar to a vanity light, differs in its placement. It can run vertically on either side of the mirror and can also be known by the name of a vanity light bar.

And a bath sconce is placed on the sides of the mirror and contains a single source of light. They are different from previously aforementioned lighting fixtures because you can change the direction of light.

Paring one or the other with bathroom vanity light fixtures adds a great air of sophistication and style to any bathroom. The two fixtures can provide light for different tasks, ambient lighting to envelope the room, and task light for focused tasks. Remember to have your lighting fixtures match all of the lighting fixtures in the bathroom.

Other types of lighting fixtures that should be considered can make or break a room as well, such as a night light or recessed shower lighting. A recessed shower light can be placed inside the shower place and can especially go well with frameless shower doors.

Shower lights should have wet-rated technology that ensures the bulb is protected. Do not forget to match the shower light’s to your other fixtures and the showerhead, to have your design match completely.

Night lights are completely optional but provide visibility to your bathroom at night in essential areas such as the vanity or the doorway.

Where the light goes is key

Placing the wrong lights on the wrong bathroom is like putting a couch too big for your living room in your house. It should be a careful process to come to the right decision for your bathroom space.

Although there is no rule of thumb, choosing the right size for your bathroom fixtures is important. Remember that you want the space to feel balanced, not clunky, or asymmetrical.

If you have a vanity with two sinks opt with a long bar. Add a pair of sconces to finish off the look.  If your vanity is around 60 inches wide, think about adding two 24 inch vanities. This would brighten up the room while keeping the room well lit.

However, you can also opt for smaller bulbs and more bulbs with a 48 inch that can keep the room well lit while keeping a dainty look for your bathroom, illuminating your mirror and vanity.

Show your personal style

 Like any other living space, humans love making their intimate spaces a reflection of their personality. That is why it is important to showcase your vanity light as part of your space by making sure it matches the style of the rest of your bathroom for a cohesive look. The aesthetic of your style should match your bathroom.

If you prefer modern and sleek designs opt for simple designs and bulbs rather than bulky or more traditional styles. If however, if you opt for a more traditional style include decorative bathroom light fixtures and darker colors.

Remember that choosing the right light fixtures depends on the overall style of your bathroom, for many bathroom remodeling projects, a frameless shower door can be a great focal point for creating a new bathroom aesthetic.

Whether it is a large bathroom or a smaller bathroom, it is essential to find the right frameless shower doors to fit your bathroom remodeling vision. In Houston,  Spring, and The Woodlands, this company offers SAME day frameless shower doors. The company serves all parts of the greater Houston area.

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