Bathroom Decoration Ideas For This Halloween

Most people don’t want to be scared in the bathroom, but if you have guests over who just can’t get enough of horror movies and haunted houses, this is the DIY project for your bathroom decoration ideas this Halloween. 

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and it’s not just because of the candy. It’s because Halloween makes us feel like a kid again, reigniting our love of all things spooky, creepy and fun.

Have a little fun by getting started on these easy Halloween bathroom decorations. They are perfect to get in the spirit of the season.

  1. Bathroom Curtains

With red writing, like “blood” and “horror,” will make you feel scared. Try these curtains to create your own creepy Halloween bathroom!

Images via Halloween costumes

2. Scary Characters 

With this Halloween character with a chainsaw, it will scare your friends as they walk into the bathroom.

Pic via Pinterest

This is the perfect prank for any man. Guys with small children love this one – it’s the perfect opportunity to scare their kids and teach them not to be afraid of anything in the bathroom! 

You could recreate this look by using a coat rack and an old costume. You can use gloves, old shoes and a mask on the dummy.

3. Bloody Mirror

Try this Halloween trick! Make your own "Scary Mirror" by painting a mirror with red paint and writing scary words on it. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will be scared of what's behind you.

Pic via Pinterest

4. Walls Decor

Blood and cockroaches coming out of the sink could be very scary for some people.

You can decorate your bathroom with these bats on the white bathroom wall.

It looks really nice and elegant in a simple way for your Halloween bathroom decorations.

Pic via Instagram

5. Simple But Stylish

This Halloween, why not keep it super simple and let your imagination be the only thing that limits you. One idea you might consider is placing lots of mini/ white pumpkins with some dry leaves and you can already create a spooky bathroom that won’t take much time.

Creating a spooky atmosphere is also easy with a black light or dim lighting, which will hide any flaws in your decorations. Use flameless candles, which are safer than traditional candles, to give a haunting glow to your creations.

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