The Top 8 Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

Believe it or not, frameless shower doors and enclosures have been on the market since 1970. Their toughened glass and high end appearance came with a high price tag. Because of that, only high end homeowners decided to buy them. But, over the last 10 years, frameless shower enclosures have exploded in popularity because fabricators and installers found a way to make them more affordable for a broader range of homeowners. They have become a popular design feature in modern bathrooms because of aesthetic qualities. Yet, there are many more benefits to installing frameless shower doors. Take a look at the top benefits of frameless shower doors.

1.          They’re the easiest to clean

Frameless shower enclosures are much easier to keep clean than framed shower doors and shower curtains. Framed shower enclosures have aluminum bottom tracks that collect water and slimy residue. Most people don’t think of cleaning their shower curtain until they see the icky mildew stains building on them. But, cleaning shower curtains and liners can be a multi-step process that consumes a lot of time. The Home Depot offers great tips for cleaning glass shower doors. They include product suggestions and DIY cleaner recipes.

At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we offer Six Shield Protective coating to protect your shower glass from surrounding elements. This treatment creates a smoother, water-repellent surface that makes cleaning a breeze! Learn More.

2.          They’re beautiful

It’s hard to dispute that frameless glass shower enclosures are good-looking. Interior designers continue to incorporate them into their design blueprints because they make bathrooms look sleek and feel luxurious. Because frameless shower enclosures are often used in posh day spas, bringing them into your home gives your bathroom a stunning spa-like appeal. Trust us, a zen shower will make you the envy of all your friends!

3.          They help increase a home’s sale value

When it comes to putting your home on the market, bathroom renovations yield the highest return on investment. (Zillow)  According to recent data published by HGTV, bathroom remodels return as much as 100% of the money invested into them! That’s because homebuyers LOVE remodeled bathrooms! Bathroom reno costs increase tremendously when fixtures are moved because you’ll need to reroute plumbing. But, without moving a thing, you can enhance your tub or standalone shower with a frameless shower enclosure. This is an excellent option to keep your costs low while adding a wow factor to your bathroom design.

4.          They’re versatile

Frameless shower doors and enclosures offer versatility in several ways:

  • They can be custom-made to fit enclosures of any shape or size
  • There a many different door and enclosure types to choose
  • The glass can be clear, frosted or textured
  • They don’t infringe upon your color schemes

Frameless showers can be enclosed using sliding, pivoting or swinging doors. Many of our customers are choosing to only partially enclose their showers and tubs with partition glass. Before you decide, take a moment to learn more about the different types of enclosures that are available.

5.          They make bathrooms feel more spacious

Because frameless shower doors lack the bulky aluminum framing of traditional glass showers, they allow wall to wall views. Having an unobstructed view throughout makes bathrooms look and feel more open. This is especially important if you, like so many homeowners, have small or narrow bathrooms in your home. By replacing a shower curtain or framed shower with a frameless shower enclosure, your bathroom will instantly feel bigger. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom to create a more open and modern space, take a look at some of 2020’s hottest bathroom design trends for inspiration.

6.          They lower the risk of bathroom mold

Bathroom mold is unsightly, but more importantly, it’s dangerous. Mold grows in places where there is abundant moisture, and there’s no place in a home that’s more wet than the bathroom. Many adults and children suffer from mold allergies. The presence of mold may not affect some, but for mold allergy sufferers it can trigger chronic allergy symptoms until the mold is eliminated. The Centers for Disease Control are a great resource for information on eliminating mold from your home. But, preventing mold from growing inside your bathroom is an essential step in keeping your family safe and healthy. Frameless shower enclosures reduce the places where mold can build up in your shower. Because these enclosures are not anchored by tracks and seals, water is able to freely drain and dry after shower usage.

Eliminate shower mold in your bathroom in as little as 72 hours with a fast installation from Same Day Frameless Shower Doors! Check out our current specials.

7.          They offer better lighting for showering

If you have ample light in your bathroom, but suffer through poorly lit showers, a frameless glass shower enclosure can help. Dark showers make it hard to do simple tasks like shaving and can increase your chances of cutting yourself with a razor. They can also make using your bathroom an unpleasant experience that you don’t look forward to. Frameless shower enclosures are made of tempered glass which is created using special processes that make it stronger and clearer than regular glass. A frameless glass enclosure will allow your existing bathroom lighting to shine into your shower and make showering the relaxing experience it should be.

8.          They don’t hide your tile work

Whether you completed your own DIY tile project or hired professionals to install a fancy tub surround, you want to show it off. While shower curtains can completely block your view of the shower, frameless glass enclosures bring your gorgeous surround into full view. After investing time and money into creating a gorgeous shower, you deserve to enjoy it when you’re in and out of the shower.

Like everything, there are both pros and cons of frameless shower doors. Tempered glass production and shower door installation is heavily regulated by governmental agencies that ensure consumer safety. Overall, the benefits of frameless shower doors far outweigh the cons. Take a look at the testimonials of real homeowners who have installed frameless shower enclosures and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards too!

Same Day Frameless Shower Doors of Houston provides all content for informational purposes only.

Always consult a licensed, insured and reputable glass installation company that can accurately assess your specific needs. Choosing a licensed and bonded company ensures compliance with local building codes. Never attempt to cut or install glass without the help of professionals. For more information, contact us.

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