Shower doors from Same Day Frameless Shower Doors versus Amazon

The internet has made shopping for almost anything a breeze. One can order a new shower door from Amazon, the popular online retailer. However, there are many reasons why you should purchase from a local, brick-and-mortar business instead of an online retailer like Amazon. Here, we are going to look at some points why Same day frameless shower doors should be your ideal option to buy frameless shower doors houston, and not Amazon.

Buying from Amazon means that you're buying from a company that doesn't care about you or your shower as an individual. When you want to buy shower doors houston, you should buy them from a place that specializes in the same. 

With Amazon, you are just another transaction to them, as they are not responsible to acknowledge if the shower door is the right fit for your bathroom. They will not measure your shower space and make sure it's exactly right for your project. You're not a person to them, you're just another number on their balance sheet.

On the other hand, Same Day Frameless Shower Doors houston doesn't see you as just a number in our books. We welcome all customers with open arms, and we want to help you find the best solution for your unique situation and bathroom space. 

When you shop with us, we come out to your house and measure your space in person so that your new shower doors will fit perfectly the first time around. We'll even bring samples of our different glass options so that you can be sure everything is exactly right before we install them!

We understand that you're shopping around, and we know Amazon seems like an easy place to start. But when you look at prices for shower doors houston on Amazon, you're seeing just one part of the cost. You may be paying more than you think.

When you buy a shower door from us, Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we provide all of the following: 

Before you commit to a purchase on Amazon, think about what else might be included in the price of your order from Same Day Frameless Shower Doors houston. We're here to help you make the right decision.

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You will get better product expertise from SDFSD than from Amazon. We have experts who have experience of several years specializing in shower doors. We know our products inside and out and can help you make a selection that will fit your needs perfectly. 

We have the expertise to be able to help with all aspects of your purchase, such as measuring and installation. We believe that buying frameless shower doors is much more than simply shopping for a product--it's an experience that includes-

You can trust us to guide you through this experience from start to finish. At Amazon, there is usually no training program for its employees to help them develop product expertise. And even if there were, how could an employee be expected to master the vast array of products that Amazon sells?


The fact is, if you're looking for shower doors, Amazon may not be the best place to get them. You'll pay more and you won't get the same kind of customer support you'd get from local companies like Same Day Frameless Shower Doors houston.

When it comes to shower doors, buy local in Houston. Support your community and save a little money while you're at it! So what are you waiting for? Fill out our form today, and get started!

Frameless Shower door buying guide

Shower doors provide a stylish way to enclose your shower, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Some people use their showers several times a day and get tired of the old curtain and plastic liner. If you are interested in installing new shower doors in Houston, but never have before, take a moment to read this guide as it was written with you in mind.

What are the different types of shower doors?

With the wide selection of shower doors in Houston available today, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to begin. We've got some tips for how to narrow down your options and find a style that will suit you, your bathroom and your budget. First, take a look at our quick guide of the most common types of shower doors and enclosures:

What to look for when you are buying a shower door?

When it comes to shower doors, there are many things that need consideration. When you are looking for a shower door, here are some of the features that you need to think about:

The first thing to decide on when buying a shower door is whether it will be a wide-opening or standard size. Wide-opening doors are great if you have limited space in your bathroom, but they can be difficult to install without help from a professional installer. Standard doors are easier to install and come in more sizes, but they're not as attractive as wide-openings

The material used in making your shower door will determine the durability of the door as well as its weight. The glass used in making a shower door should be resistant to corrosion and UV rays, so it does not break easily. You can also opt for acrylic or plastic materials which are lighter than glass but may not be as durable as glass.

The style of your new door should fit with the rest of your bathroom décor. You can choose from frameless glass or framed glass; both have their advantages and disadvantages so make sure you know what type will work best for your space.

The thicker the glass, the more durable it is. When you have a heavy shower head or other accessories in your shower, you want to make sure that they don't break through the glass. If you have children or pets at home, it's also important to get a heavier gauge of glass so that there's less chance of them falling through.

Same Day Frameless Shower Doors: Best In Houston

Hopefully, this guide provides you a better understanding of shower door, and things to consider before you buy one. If you are planning to buy a shower door, Same Day frameless shower doors in Houston is the right place for you. At SDFSD, we offer the best custom frameless glass in Houston, TX. In fact, every aspect of our products is unsurpassed in terms of strength, appearance, and quality. 

Whether you want something simple and sleek or an intricate design with lots of curves and twists, we’ll make it happen for you. Plus, we pay attention to every detail involved in the process from start to finish. That way, you won’t have to worry about anything—and you can simply enjoy the final product! If you want the best frameless shower doors in Houston, TX, reach out to us today by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll respond quickly with a quote and get started soon after!

Exploding Shower Doors - Are They Really Dangerous? | Same Day Frameless Shower Doors

You’ve heard the horror stories of glass shower doors spontaneously exploding and disrupting the peaceful calm of midnight slumber. There are several documented incidents of shower doors shattering and seemingly “exploding” out of the blue with an ear-piercing boom.

The fact is: Shower doors spontaneously combusting without cause is a MYTH.

There is always an underlying issue that professionals can resolve before the worst case scenario happens. To remove the mystery from this phenomenon, let’s take a deeper look into how shower (tempered) glass is made. Then, we’ll explore what homeowners can do to avoid a shattering incident.

How Shower Glass is Made

Glass shower doors and enclosures are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass, also known as “toughened” glass, is a type of safety glass. It’s made using chemical and thermal heating processes that are designed to make it stronger than normal glass. The processes it undergoes creates a smooth, compressed outer surface while the interior is bound by tension. By design, this construction allows the glass to fracture into tiny pieces when broken. Reason being, it is much less dangerous than typical glass that breaks into large shards. It is, in fact, safer and four times stronger than regular glass.

Why Shower Doors Explode

Rest assured, tempered glass shower doors do not randomly self-destruct. Mark Meshulam, a Chicago-area building consultant and subject matter expert, attests that “even though these accidents appear to be spontaneous, there is always an underlying cause for combustion.” More often than not, scratches on its surface or nicks along its edges cause shatters. Nicked edges may take place during the manufacturing process, along the delivery route or by inexperienced installation technicians. On rare occasions, a manufacturing defect called nickel sulfide inclusion can trigger spontaneous combustion. Most often, direct impact to the face of the glass is the primary reason the glass breaks.

What Manufacturers and Installers Do To Lessen the Danger

Research indicates incidents involving glass shower door explosions have dramatically decreased in recent years. Consumer complaints were highest before 2017 for good reason. After receiving several complaints, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) established mandatory standards for tempered glass production. They require manufacturers to perform extensive pressurized tests to each piece of glass before it is released for installation in homes and businesses. The CPSC also requires tests on safety glazing materials to lessen the likelihood of skin-piercing injuries in the event of an accident.

Professional installers must be licensed, bonded and insured in their designated service areas. This ensures that the work they perform is compliant with the latest industry standards and safety procedures. Qualified glass shower door installers are also extensively trained in affixing metal hardware to the glass. Further training teaches them to inspect the glass for damage and repair or replace damaged products before walking away from a jobsite.

What Consumers Can Do To Lessen the Danger

Shower Door Care

Homeowners and hospitality staff play a critical role in preventing shower door combustions. By performing periodic inspections of the surface and edges, people can discover and report damages to shower glass professionals. This allows trained experts to take corrective actions before disaster happens.

To help consumers with long term care, bath industry leader Kohler released the following tips:

Practicing Bathroom Safety

Exploding glass doors do not account for many bathroom-related injuries. So, consumers play a big role in keeping accidents to a minimum. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we want you to stick to the following tips for shower and tub safety:

  1. Install handrails or grab bars for help entering and exiting the tub or shower.
  2. When possible, avoid using suction-cup hand rails which are prone to slipping.
  3. Use rubber mats on shower floors.
  4. Consider installing or redesigning standalone shower entries with low to no thresholds.
  5. Place rugs or towels along the floor for traction with exiting the tub or shower.
  6. Never grasp a shower door for balance.
  7. Because burns are a common injury, always check water temperature before getting into the tub or shower.
  8. Never slam glass shower doors. Tempered glass is tough, but designed for delicate handling.
  9. Share bathroom safety practices with your children.
  10. Talk to professionals whenever you are unsure or concerned about bathroom features.

The Bottomline About Tempered Glass Hazards

The truth is, tempered glass can shatter and it does so by design. However, according to a memorandum by the CPSC, there is a 10 times greater chance of injury due to horizontal glass surfaces than shower doors. Those injuries are the results of collisions with glass desks, dining, coffee, outdoor and end tables. When handled safely, glass shower doors last for decades.

There’s a quote that says, “Danger is real, but fear is a choice.” Our homes and the places to which we travel are filled with their own unique sets of dangers. It is our job to be mindful about how to avoid and overcome them. If issues with your glass shower doors or enclosures concern you, report it to a professional immediately.

Same Day Frameless Shower Doors of Houston provides all content for informational purposes only.

Always consult a licensed, insured and reputable glass installation company that can accurately assess your specific needs. Choosing a licensed and bonded company ensures compliance with local building codes. Never attempt to cut or install glass without the help of professionals. For more information, contact us.

8 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2022: Refining Modern Design

The modern bathroom is most often a separate room with a tub/shower, sink and toilet. It’s one of the main rooms in our homes that we just can’t live without. Yet, living without them is exactly what many people did before the 1950’s. Until then, indoor plumbing was only available to wealthy Americans. The average American used an outhouse and took baths in galvanized tubs with water drawn from wells or outdoor pipes.

Even though humans have built dwellings since the beginning of time, the modern bathroom is less than 100 years old. With our ever-growing reliance on technology and our changing lifestyles, bathrooms will continue to evolve. top bathroom design trends 2022 aren’t reinventing the wheel, they’re just polishing it up a little.

1.          Low to No Threshold Showers

The no-threshold shower has been a common feature in wheelchair accessible designs for decades. Now, it’s popularity is growing among homeowners of all ages and physical abilities. Having no threshold leaves the floor space uninhibited. Your flooring can extend wall to wall with this type of shower entry. Not only is it a sleek look for modern designs, it’s practical. You’ll never have to worry about stubbing your toe on the threshold, and if your mobility is ever affected in the future, you’ll already be set with easy access to your shower.

2.          Unique Tiles

For a period of time, square and rectangle tiles were all the rage in modern bathroom designs. You will see anything from small subway tiles to oversized cuts of natural stone in residential  bathrooms countrywide. Designers and homeowners still prefer individual tiles, but some of them are using tiles that add flair to their designs. They’re opting for handmade tiles cut into unique shapes like hexagons and three-dimensional sculptures (like these featured on Decor Pad). Many people are also adding visual interest by using colored tiles. Modern bathrooms of late use a lot of neutrals and whites, but 2022 designs are spicing things up with bright color pops and bold patterns.

3.          Freestanding Soaking Tubs

Many modern bathroom designers had stepped away from bathtubs and spent several years focused on large showers. Well, not any more! Tubs are making a comeback, but these aren’t your typical built-in, closed off tubs. Standalone tubs are becoming a focal point in this year’s designs. Tub manufacturers can fabricate freestanding tubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows homeowners with smaller bathrooms to accommodate freestanding tubs in their spaces. Shower fixtures can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted and overhead for a rainfall effect. Standalone tubs are not only practical for space-saving, they give the room a high end look.

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4.          Bidets

Bidets are essentially sinks for your hiney. High end home architects have included them in contemporary bathroom designs for decades. Thanks to new technology, they’re popping up in middle American bathrooms, but with a distinct difference. Traditional bidets are toilet-like units that sit next to the toilet. Now, toilet manufacturers have designed bidet seat systems that attach to your toilet. These seats are typically heated, and they feature warm water cleansing and air dry. Bidet seats are much more modestly-priced than the traditional units, and they don’t absorb extra floor space. For those reasons, they are a favorite choice for remixing the throne.

5.          Floating Vanities

Vanities suspended along the wall, how magical! Not exactly, but they are one of designers' favorite bathroom trends for 2022. Whether they have doors or open shelving, these vanities look amazing. Their trending has increased for many reasons, but we think their practicality is foremost. You can place them in any vertical space along the wall, making them height adjustable. Whether homeowners are short or tall, floating vanities give them the option to forego custom-made cabinetry. Floating a vanity above the floor allows the floor space to go wall to wall, unhindered, much like no-threshold showers.

6.          Smart Showers

There is nothing new about getting your shower to the perfect temperature before stepping in. Just imagine being able to do so from the comfort of your bed or from the kitchen as you realize you’re late for the PTO meeting! Because it’s 2022, why not turn on your shower the way we do so much else- on your mobile device. Smart showers like the U by Moen let you control your shower by voice, phone and controller. By downloading their app, you can get your water started with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Best of all, they notify you when it’s ready, so you can step into your bliss.

7.         Incorporating Natural Elements

What’s the next best thing to using the bathroom outside? If you’re like us, you can think of many things! Yet, interior designers and homeowners alike are opting to bring the outdoors in; they’re doing it in gorgeous ways, too. Some designers are using natural wood tones to warm up an otherwise cool design palette, much like Blackband Design did here. Another way to bring nature in is by creating living walls or vertical gardens the way Plants in Bathrooms shows you.

8.          Frameless Shower Enclosures

This is no doubt our favorite! Frameless shower enclosures are a modern design upgrade that’s here to stay. Standalone showers are a signature feature in many modern bathrooms, but frameless enclosures are kicking them up a couple notches. This minimalist feature makes a big impression. Showers are enclosed with crystal-clear tempered glass that is anchored to nearby walls, floors, and/or ceilings with sleek metal brackets and sliding doors are installed using contemporary tracks with built-in hardware. Both end the need for bulky aluminum shower framing used in modern bathroom designs of the past. With unobstructed views from wall to wall, bathrooms appear larger and more open.

Visit our gallery for an up close look at some gorgeous frameless showers in Houston, Texas.

Same Day Frameless Shower Doors of Houston provides all content for informational purposes only. Always consult a licensed, insured and reputable glass installation company that can accurately assess your specific needs. Choosing a licensed and bonded company ensures compliance with local building codes. Never attempt to cut or install glass without the help of professionals. For more information, contact us.

Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Bathroom

How to Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Bathroom

From COVID-19 to natural disasters, more people are choosing to stay indoors. Staying home is a great way to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But staying indoors for too long can get tiring and lonely. Here are the tips to incorporate natural elements in your bathroom to make it aesthetic. One way to help with COVID-19 related anxiety is to make your home as comfortable as possible.

At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we care about your comfort and satisfaction. We recommend making your bathroom as beautiful and soothing as possible. Check out these fun and safe ways to incorporate natural elements into your bathroom.

Add Plants

Consider adding a houseplant to your bathroom. Living plants improve the air quality and decor of your bathroom,  with natural elements making the space an overall pleasant experience for the user. Bathrooms are great for the plants too. When you think about it, bathrooms are kind of like an indoor green house. Bathrooms tend to run hot and humid due to shower use. Plus water is readily available so you don’t have to think twice about watering. This provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the plant.

Be sure to choose the right plant for your bathroom. Not all plants thrive in hot and humid conditions. For example, succulents and cactuses tend to thrive in drier environments. Plants that prefer sunnier environments probably won’t do well in a bathroom setting. The following plants are a great choice for your bathroom:

Turn Your Bathroom Wall into a Living Wall

Living walls are another trend that can beautify your bathroom. A living wall is a type of indoor vertical garden that adds beauty to your home. Natural elements like plants, living walls can thrive in hot and humid environments such as a bathroom. Living walls create a natural feel and can draw a user’s attention away from imperfections or a bland environment. The downside to living walls is that they are costly and high maintenance. You’ll have to really love plants in order to maintain a healthy living wall. The results are worth it! Nothing says natural beauty like an indoor living wall.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean During COVID-19

 Bathroom Cleaning Tips During COVID-19

With the average person telecommunicating and/or enrolled in remote learning, the average home is more crowded than ever. The bathroom is the one place where all people in the house spend time at some point. It’s the place where all the germs come to hang out as well. Here are some bathroom cleaning tips to keep your bathroom as clean as possible can protect you and your loved ones from the novel coronavirus.

According to the CDC, restrooms should be cleaned and disinfected during the pandemic. You should have a cleaning and disinfecting plan for your bathroom. In addition to cleaning the toilet and bathroom or shower, you should regularly clean and disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs and faucets.

Maintain a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

We recommend you and your family keep a cleaning schedule. Try posting a cleaning schedule in each bathroom so you know when the bathroom was last clean and where. You can assign one person in the family to help clean different parts of the bathroom and establish a routine.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Be sure personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning the bathroom. This will protect your skin from diseases and ensure that you are using products effectively. We recommend you wear a mask as well to protect yourself from toxins and/or the virus itself.

Use Soap

Don’t underestimate the power of old fashioned soap. Disinfectants and sanitary wipes are flying off the shelves. Soap tears through the lipids that surround the proteins that break down the virus. Think of the process of how certain cleaning products can eat away grease and stains in ways that water can’t.

Protect Yourself from Potentially Sick Family Members

If you or one of your family members are showing COVID-19 related symptoms, be sure to keep your distance. Try to use separate bathrooms if possible. If there’s only one bathroom in the home, then ask that person to wash and/or disinfect high touch surfaces such as the toilet, door handles, soap dispensers, etc.

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You’ll be amazed at the beauty Same Day Frameless Door can add to your bathroom no matter the size. In Houston, Spring, and the Woodlands, we offer SAME day frameless shower doors.

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Client Testimonials

“The name says it all. SAME DAY Frameless Shower Doors. I called looking for a specific piece of u channel for my shower door. All other places wanted to come out and measure, then order the part. That would have delayed my project by a few days. Same Day Frameless Shower Doors had the part in stock and I picked it up the same day. Quick and easy too!-Jose Alfredo Reyes, Houston. This is Your shower door buying guide 

How to Beautify Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom Renovation Ideas, Make Your Bathroom Beautiful 

At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, we’re here with amazing bathrooms renovation ideas. We specialize in frameless shower doors and glass panels, but we know that bathroom aesthetics are not limited to renovation. Bathrooms may present aesthetic challenges for home owners due to the space’s limited size and functionality. But that’s also part of the fun!

Because of their size, every piece of decoration you choose counts! Just one photo or lighting fixture can revolutionize your space. We put together the best affordable ways to beautify your bathroom this year. For more inspiration, don’t miss out on this year’s hottest bathroom trends.

Let’s begin!

Add color or wallpaper

There’s nothing like a splash of new color to brighten your bathroom from the inside out. Don’t be afraid to paint the entire walls if that’s what speaks to you. You could even get the whole family involved. COVID-19 related news causes stress and anxiety among children. Decorating your bathroom is a great way for families to bond with one another during these challenging times.

Add a decorative mirror

 Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest bathroom of them all? With the right mirror, it could be yours. Decorative mirrors are a great way to beautify your bathroom. They can even set the entire mood of the bathroom. Perhaps you’re interested in a more gothic or baroque style. For those who prefer to keep it simple, consider purchasing a frameless bathroom mirror from your favorite retailer and/or local business. The results may surprise you!

Add Art & Knick Knacks

Here’s where your personal taste can truly shine! Adding a piece of art to your newly-painted wall is a fun way to show off your creativity. Retailers and/or local artists have a ton of crafts and paintings that can help your bathroom shine. You could even install a cabinet to show off your favorite selections. We recommend adding a small sculpture or two accompanied by a soothing light fixture like a salt lamp.

Remember that guests are likely to see your bathroom at least once. Bathroom decorations are a fun way to show off your style and personal taste. Your dream bathroom is just an art project away! don't miss out on this article about the benefits of having the wet and dry zone in your bathroom 

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That’s right! At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors, your bathroom will match your vision in just under three days which is practically unheard of in any other Houston based company.

Walk-in Shower Door Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Before you look into your walk-in bathroom ideas, it’s best to confirm if your shower door is the only thing that needs to be fixed. This could solve a lot of issues with confined spaces - such as less square footage, number of fixtures and limited natural light in the bathroom. If you do it right, you won’t have to spend that much on changing the entire bathroom. 

Make sure that you know the dimensions of your shower space so that you’ll know you’ll be getting the maximum and style and function in your small bathroom. You need some strategic styling tips to make small bathrooms look as good and work as hard as their counterparts. 

Anyone who has been to a spa should have a strong appreciation for steam rooms. Being in a steam room can help you to cleanse your skin and get some much needed relaxation. If you want to bring that spa element into your bathroom, why not turn your walk-in shower into a steam room?

A larger walk-in shower can easily serve as a steam room. If you add benches and a source of steam, you’ll be able to relax in your shower whenever you desire. You can cut down on spa trips and spend more time at home instead.

Having a seat in a walk in shower can be a big advantage. Seats can make showers safer, especially for people with limited mobility. When a shower has a bench, people can sit down and rest if they need to.

Built directly into the shower wall, shower seats allow one to bask in the bliss of a long and leisurely spell without losing precious time to lengthy baths. A shower seat can also act as a spa seat, a place to prop your leg for shaving, or a drop zone for shampoo bottles and body wash.

Adapt your favorite features from your fancy hotels into your bathroom at home. For example, a built-in towel rack can make your walk-in shower feel extra luxurious (and it's even better if the rack is heated). The steam makes the towels nice and cozy, and you don't have to step out of the shower to dry off. Just make sure your shower is large enough that water won't splash on the towels.

You don't have to rely on electrical fixtures to illuminate the space during the day. A window in the bathroom can make a huge difference. A small window also works well for brightening up a walk-in shower. It’s an especially beautiful addition in the shower. 

A walk-in shower can look like a bright oasis with the addition of a generous skylight. The sensation that you get when you see and feel the light embrace you is unique. If privacy is a concern, place the window higher up on the wall or outfit it with frosted glass. Of course, a skylight would be even better to welcome in light from above. If your bathroom is on the top floor of your home, a skylight will bathe your shower in natural light and will have an almost divine look.

Walk-in showers often don't include a tub ledge to hold shampoo, soap, and loofah. Instead of leaving them on the floor, consider  right into your walk-in shower. An efficient bathroom has a shelf outside the shower as well to hold towels and other toiletries. It adds functional space to a bathroom that could use a little more storage.

When renovating your bathroom, don’t overlook the tile. Besides their functionality, walk in showers give you the possibility to make a statement in your bathroom with creative tile motifs. Match the tile color to your bathroom flooring and carry the color scheme into your shower's recessed shelving. If you want to add a luxurious and relaxing feel in your bathroom, then a mixed tile look in the walk in shower enclosure is the perfect way to do it. You might also want to show off the entire space with mosaic, travertine, or ceramic textured tiles to achieve the look of a high-end shower.

Tile enhances the style of a walk-in shower and is a great way to add colour and texture to what could otherwise be a bland room.

With a little bit of planning, the perfect way to drop some drama into your bathroom is by having a frameless shower door. Frameless shower doors have increased in popularity in recent years as homeowners develop a taste for clean and minimalist aesthetics. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can create a design where the walk-in shower enclosure is made of one or two glass panels or even complete with frameless shower panels and doors. Frameless shower doors not only create a modern, sophisticated feel but also can help keep small walk-in showers from feeling cramped.  In fact, frameless shower doors on a walk-in shower can make your tiny room look bigger. They also come in a variety of size selections to match different design requirements.

The addition of sleek and stylish frameless shower doors brings in a nice roomy feeling and a touch of minimalism. Frameless shower doors can also keep water and steam contained while bringing light into the shower. The combination of the frameless shower door and light-hued mosaic tiles on the walls form a reflective surface that will encourage light to move around, imparting a sense of bigger and airy space.

Frameless shower doors give your bathroom a modern and fresh look and efficiently use the space that you have. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors in Houston, TX, we ensure that your shower door will be sleek and minimal so that it will enhance a sense of space in your small bathroom. Get started on your bathroom upgrade today with frameless shower doors in Houston, TX. 

Turn Your Bathroom into a Zen Space

The idea of Zen space

Calm. Peace. Focus. Tranquility. 

Zen is a philosophy that emphasizes intuition, meditation and tranquility. In home design, it reflects harmony, balance and relaxation. Although Zen is not a formal design method, it is often associated with simplicity, minimalism and finesse. There’s only one rule in creating a Zen space - you need to bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your home, in this case decorate your bathroom, to make it more mindful. 

If you want to have an authentic, Zen-like bathroom, follow these simple steps. 

Your bathroom should be a comfortable space for you and the rest of your family. It should help you feel calm, centered and at-ease. Remember that it doesn’t have to take a lot in order to bring your bathroom space to this level. In fact, if you just stick to these easy decoration, arrangement and styling tips, you can start turning your bathroom in a more mindful, Zen-like oasis even if it’s short on space. If you are looking for frameless shower doors in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Conroe, Willis, Pearland and Friendswood TX areas, get in touch with us today to see how we can help. 

Things to Ask Your Contractor When Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a major investment in your home especially when you want to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom. It can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time to have your bathroom remodeled. If you want a fabulous remodel that increases the value of your home, you have to carefully vet the company that will do the job. That’s why hiring an experienced and trustworthy pro is critical to handle your job. 

Here’s a guide to help you in your decisions:

The longer a bathroom remodeling contractor has been around, the more likely they know what they’re doing. An experienced contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling is very knowledgeable and can execute the job with professionalism. Look for a contractor who has been in the industry for at least 5 years. 

It is important to remember that the remodeling of a living room is much easier than a remodeling bathroom project. The explanation for this is that there are too many dimensions and components to be addressed in the bathroom. This includes plumbing, waterproofing and insulation. If not handled properly, this can lead to many serious issues such as mold production, which can cause a lot of problems. 

Read your contractor’s reviews. A good contractor is transparent enough to provide three solid references and a portfolio of their past work that can show how the contractor is able to deliver their job. Look for details on their work quality, cleanliness at work, punctuality and communication skills. If you see negative reviews, don’t dismiss them right away. Look at how they respond to it. If they show conflict-resolution and strong communication skills, they may still be a good fit. 

An ideal contractor is one that has time for you and has long term relationships with its subcontractors. You and your contractor should be on the same page about how often they will be onsite once the project kicks off. The contractor should be open with you about the schedule for each stage of the project they intend to perform, and they should show a good understanding of what factors could potentially adjust the schedules. 

It is important to know that there are only 35 out of 50 states that require home remodeling contractor state licensing systems. However, if part of your bathroom remodeling involves working with plumbing and electrical systems, then they need to have one. Licenses matter as it allows you to determine if your contractor is reliable. While a license isn’t a guarantee that a contractor will execute the job well, it’s a good sign that they’ve done their requirements. 

Disagreements may happen along the way and this is one of the main reasons why lawsuits can arise between the contractor and homeowner. In most cases, disputes often trigger inconvenient unfinished jobs which is why homeowners resort to hiring another contractor and therefore increasing the cost of the remodeling project. It is then important to find out how your bathroom contractor handles conflicts. Make sure to include a dispute resolution clause within the contract. This will not only protect you but the contractor as well.

Make sure that you know the payment schedule of the project. Keep in mind that no one should ask you for cash upfront. Whether you are just renovating your bathroom by installing frameless shower doors, make sure you ask the contractor how much the entire project will cost so that you can create a budget and stick to it. A contractor will only require a certain percentage then you will make payments for the remainder as the job is completed. A payment schedule keeps both contractors and homeowners in check so you should be able to put it in writing. 

Hiring a bathroom contractor is vital if you are planning on remodeling your bathroom in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Conroe, Willis, Pearland, Friendswood TX. Asking the right questions will lead you to the right contractor who can make your ideal bathroom a reality.