A Brief Look Into the History of Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a necessary luxury. There are many things to consider when designing or redesigning your bathroom. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors we specialize in beautiful Frameless Shower Doors that will transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

But we’re not the first humans to care about the lavatory. Check out this fun glimpse into the history of bathrooms, and see how humans have tended to their hygiene throughout the ages.

Ancient Bathrooms

Long before the invention of the flush toilet or modern shower, bathrooms were considered a sacred space. The earliest known bath originates from the Indus Valley Civilization and was used for ceremonial purposes. People used this space to cleanse themselves before entering sacred or religious areas. It was thought that water cleansed one’s body and home of evil spirits.

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Europe and America were known for their steams baths while Asia made use of cold baths.

The Roman baths are among the most well-known ancient bathrooms. These baths were styled in long pools. These were used for public bathing and remain a popular tourist destination in Rome. If you ever plan a visit, be sure to visit the Grand Pump Room, an old meeting place for the fashionable and elite crowd.

The Romans also made the distinction between a private and public bath. Wealthy families and individuals were more likely to have their own private bathrooms while commoners were designated to the public baths.

Bathrooms in the Middle Ages

In the middle ages, bathrooms became less about status and more about hygiene. England became known for its soap making production, and bathhouses grew increasingly popular. However, bathing was not considered a daily or even weekly ritual. Not everyone could afford bathhouses and had no choice but to bathe infrequently in wooden tubs at home. Hygienic methods like flossing, mouthwash, and hair combing grew in popularity during this time, but it was not considered standard until much later.

Modern Bathrooms

Long after the plague, fears of illness and disease were very much on people’s minds. Scientific discoveries of viruses and germs helped people reevaluate their relationship to hygiene and cleanliness. The Industrial Revolution helped transform the bathroom into what we know it as today. The development of gas and water heaters helped make bathing at home a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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The first working class houses with bathrooms were built in the early 20th century. However, not every home was allotted its own bathrooms. Members of lower class families had to make use of outdoor bathrooms. By the end of the 20th century, nearly every home had its own bathroom. People even started to care about design tactics like tiles, window fixtures, and more.

Today bathrooms are about comfort, style, and functionality. At Same Day Frameless Shower Doors we take it a step further by providing some of the hottest trends in bathroom design. Your safety and happiness is our utmost concern which is why all of our panels are layered with our Six Shield Protective coating. Bathrooms sure have come a long way!


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