8 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2022: Refining Modern Design

The modern bathroom is most often a separate room with a tub/shower, sink and toilet. It’s one of the main rooms in our homes that we just can’t live without. Yet, living without them is exactly what many people did before the 1950’s. Until then, indoor plumbing was only available to wealthy Americans. The average American used an outhouse and took baths in galvanized tubs with water drawn from wells or outdoor pipes.

Even though humans have built dwellings since the beginning of time, the modern bathroom is less than 100 years old. With our ever-growing reliance on technology and our changing lifestyles, bathrooms will continue to evolve. top bathroom design trends 2022 aren’t reinventing the wheel, they’re just polishing it up a little.

1.          Low to No Threshold Showers

The no-threshold shower has been a common feature in wheelchair accessible designs for decades. Now, it’s popularity is growing among homeowners of all ages and physical abilities. Having no threshold leaves the floor space uninhibited. Your flooring can extend wall to wall with this type of shower entry. Not only is it a sleek look for modern designs, it’s practical. You’ll never have to worry about stubbing your toe on the threshold, and if your mobility is ever affected in the future, you’ll already be set with easy access to your shower.

2.          Unique Tiles

For a period of time, square and rectangle tiles were all the rage in modern bathroom designs. You will see anything from small subway tiles to oversized cuts of natural stone in residential  bathrooms countrywide. Designers and homeowners still prefer individual tiles, but some of them are using tiles that add flair to their designs. They’re opting for handmade tiles cut into unique shapes like hexagons and three-dimensional sculptures (like these featured on Decor Pad). Many people are also adding visual interest by using colored tiles. Modern bathrooms of late use a lot of neutrals and whites, but 2022 designs are spicing things up with bright color pops and bold patterns.

3.          Freestanding Soaking Tubs

Many modern bathroom designers had stepped away from bathtubs and spent several years focused on large showers. Well, not any more! Tubs are making a comeback, but these aren’t your typical built-in, closed off tubs. Standalone tubs are becoming a focal point in this year’s designs. Tub manufacturers can fabricate freestanding tubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows homeowners with smaller bathrooms to accommodate freestanding tubs in their spaces. Shower fixtures can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted and overhead for a rainfall effect. Standalone tubs are not only practical for space-saving, they give the room a high end look.

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4.          Bidets

Bidets are essentially sinks for your hiney. High end home architects have included them in contemporary bathroom designs for decades. Thanks to new technology, they’re popping up in middle American bathrooms, but with a distinct difference. Traditional bidets are toilet-like units that sit next to the toilet. Now, toilet manufacturers have designed bidet seat systems that attach to your toilet. These seats are typically heated, and they feature warm water cleansing and air dry. Bidet seats are much more modestly-priced than the traditional units, and they don’t absorb extra floor space. For those reasons, they are a favorite choice for remixing the throne.

5.          Floating Vanities

Vanities suspended along the wall, how magical! Not exactly, but they are one of designers' favorite bathroom trends for 2022. Whether they have doors or open shelving, these vanities look amazing. Their trending has increased for many reasons, but we think their practicality is foremost. You can place them in any vertical space along the wall, making them height adjustable. Whether homeowners are short or tall, floating vanities give them the option to forego custom-made cabinetry. Floating a vanity above the floor allows the floor space to go wall to wall, unhindered, much like no-threshold showers.

6.          Smart Showers

There is nothing new about getting your shower to the perfect temperature before stepping in. Just imagine being able to do so from the comfort of your bed or from the kitchen as you realize you’re late for the PTO meeting! Because it’s 2022, why not turn on your shower the way we do so much else- on your mobile device. Smart showers like the U by Moen let you control your shower by voice, phone and controller. By downloading their app, you can get your water started with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Best of all, they notify you when it’s ready, so you can step into your bliss.

7.         Incorporating Natural Elements

What’s the next best thing to using the bathroom outside? If you’re like us, you can think of many things! Yet, interior designers and homeowners alike are opting to bring the outdoors in; they’re doing it in gorgeous ways, too. Some designers are using natural wood tones to warm up an otherwise cool design palette, much like Blackband Design did here. Another way to bring nature in is by creating living walls or vertical gardens the way Plants in Bathrooms shows you.

8.          Frameless Shower Enclosures

This is no doubt our favorite! Frameless shower enclosures are a modern design upgrade that’s here to stay. Standalone showers are a signature feature in many modern bathrooms, but frameless enclosures are kicking them up a couple notches. This minimalist feature makes a big impression. Showers are enclosed with crystal-clear tempered glass that is anchored to nearby walls, floors, and/or ceilings with sleek metal brackets and sliding doors are installed using contemporary tracks with built-in hardware. Both end the need for bulky aluminum shower framing used in modern bathroom designs of the past. With unobstructed views from wall to wall, bathrooms appear larger and more open.

Visit our gallery for an up close look at some gorgeous frameless showers in Houston, Texas.

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