5 Things You should consider before choosing bathroom tiles

There are a lot of questions when it comes to updating your bathroom, when it comes to tiles, a lot of the questions tend to center around that area. Many remodeling project questions tend to focus on how to pick tiles for a room, or should you get the same kind of tiles for your whole house? And if you don’t, what’s the best way to make sure all tiles go together.

Inside this article, you will learn easy ways to narrow your choices and answer your questions surrounding the great process of bathroom tiles remodeling.

  1. Keep a cohesive color scheme

When it comes to popular trends for 2020 bathroom remodeling, it’s very easy to see how the popular trend is to keep it simple, but classy. Whatever your personal preference, you should always make sure the color scheme won’t clash with the rest of your bathroom.

So when it comes to bathroom tiles remodeling, make sure you find a bathroom tile that fits your color palette, and find the right finish, for example reglazing bathroom tiles could be something you could do update the look of the tiles.

Your color palette should be simple, around two to three colors that are consistent and in the same color family.  Colors tend to evoke emotions, for example blue colors tend to leave people with a calm feeling. Keep that in mind when choosing the right color scheme.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to either monochromatic looks or complementary color schemes, where you choose a color on the opposing side of the color wheel.

  1. Narrow your top 3 choices

Now, there is always a moment in the bathroom remodeling process where you envision your completed project, which includes your dream design.

In the bathroom remodeling world that perfect bathroom could mean a frameless shower door or new and beautiful bathroom tiles.  It could be a special or unique tile with accents or a simple white tile.

Use this inspiration as the first point in your journey to find the perfect bathroom tiles for your bathroom.  Then pick out two other tiles that are similar to that first perfect design you envisioned in your mind.

When it comes to choosing you’ll need to have a floor tile, a wall tile, and an accent tile. Although, that shouldn’t always be the general rule,  do not be afraid to switch things up a bit if that is what would work best for your bathroom.

  1. Find YOUR scale and pattern

Tiles in many different scales and patterns, the designs can vary from geometrics and patterns or simple solid-colored tiles. Now that you have chosen your color palette, it is easier to choose the type of tile. In a similar vein, try to keep the style consistent and not too busy with the colors and shapes. Remember, the age-old saying, less is more.

However, do not let that take away some of the fun, you can change up your title sizes to contrasts each other, paring bigger tiles with smaller tiles. For your dream bathroom tiles concept, try to find the balance between your color scheme and your chosen tile style.

Other materials, like the bathroom floor and the wall colors and pattern in the bathroom is a big factor in the finding the best tile for your bathroom tile remodeling project.  While you might be able to get away with different designs, some designers say up to four, it still is not advisable to keep a  calm and cohesive look.

  1. Think about the Finish

When it comes to the bathroom remodeling process, it’s always a great tip to mix and match finishes and different textures for all-around visual and tactile experience. The types of finishes include, glossy, satin, matte, and special finishes such as watercolor, crackle, and metallic options.

Many designers advise that the best tip is to keep things interesting, especially if you’re aiming to keep things more uniform, for example you have decided to use the same tile throughout.

A general rule of thumb is to combine two different finishes to keep things interesting while still keeping a cohesive design. Remember to consider function first, rather than how it visually looks.

Think about it, we use the bathroom multiple times a day essentially every day of our lives.

Consider matte tiles for flooring due to their non-skid properties in wet areas. Unless you’re ready to pick up the broom or the vacuum more often, go for unglazed mattes, but if you do not see yourself providing that extra upkeep then the best option would be glazed tiles.

Remember that context is extremely important, your tiles will be part of the whole bathroom design and you will be able to see the product of your design every morning when you get ready for work.  Take note of your other non-tile materials and find what materials work with your finishes.

It’s about the balance between your vanity and your tile which can be used to create a texture with your tiles. However, do not go overboard, having too much glossy tile can easily overwhelm the design and give the natural light too much to bounce off.

Many designers emphasize function, but also ask bathroom tile remodeling clients to not choose just based on how easy it is to clean, for example. The glossiest option will be easier to clean and more durable, but you do not have to use that as your only option.

However, practiced and essential professionals can give you a better opinion, especially with many varying degrees of glazing options. Think about this as an option if you are thinking about reglazing your bathroom tiles.

  1. Grout choices are important

Grout is used as a filler for the joints between tiles once the tile you are installing has been set. Most grouts are a powdered mix of cement, lime, color pigment, and sometimes sand that hardens when mixed with water and left to cure.

You should definitely ask your contractor before remodeling your bathroom 

When designing your perfect bathroom, tile questions and choices take up the bulk of the bathroom remodeling design board, but you should completely overlook a good grout. The right grout can make or break a tile’s cohesive look.

Grout color and thickness can emphasize or de-emphasize the tile’s size or pattern. For example, if you want to keep your design more lowkey and deemphasize the bathroom wall, you can use white grout with the tiles placed closed together. In this design, you can use your wall tiles to make an understated statement while using your floor to keep it interesting and make the pattern more visually appealing.

It’s not about just the color of the grout, it’s also about how thin or thick the grout is.

In the above example, a thin grout allows for the tiles to transform into a more uniform look, allowing the flooring to shine, but also providing a neat easter egg for those who notice the cool design.

When it comes to 2020 bathroom trends, remember that less is more. Finding the right bathroom tiles or reglazing bathroom tiles is essential for the best finish and design results for your bathroom remodeling project.

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