5 Important Facts about Walk-in Bathtubs

5 Important Facts about Walk in tubs

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Finding the right Walk-in Bathtubs can make or break your bathroom remodeling experience. We tend to spend mornings getting ready for work or getting ready to go out in the evening, so a bathroom is in use virtually all the time, the best walk-in bathtub is essential when thinking of the remodeling stage. Use this article to find out the best tips to find the right walk-in bathtubs for your perfect bathroom remodeling.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to updating your bathroom, when it comes to bathtubs, a lot of the questions tend to center around that area. Many remodeling project questions tend to focus on the type of bathtubs.

Inside this article, you will learn easy ways to narrow your choices and answer your questions surrounding the great process of bathroom walk-in bathtubs.

How do walk-in tubs work?

Typically, walk-in bathtubs come equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front or side of the bathtub. The door gives seniors the ability to enter the tub without having to lift their legs over the threshold, as with traditional bathtubs.

Thanks to the sealing on these doors, the water stays in the tub and doesn't flood the floor. Fast draining capabilities are included with many of these tubs, so users don't need to sit in the tub too long for it to drain.

Walk-in tubs usually require professional installation. The tubs can include a variety of features, including adjustable bubble jets, handrails, adjustable showerheads, and inside-the-tub seating.

If a walk-in bathtub is on your wish list, a quick review of the advantages and disadvantages is in order. The first and most obvious advantage is that a walk-in tub makes bathing easier for people with mobility issues.

In addition to the door, these bathtubs are designed to prevent slipping. Handrails, seats, and textured pads help users keep their heads above water.

Why a Walk-in Bathtub?

Walk-in tubs are a great option for people who are finding that getting in and out of a traditional bathtub is difficult or impossible. Generally, walk-in tubs are put in the place of the existing bathtub. Many look pretty similar, but there are some important considerations.

For example, you might need to be able to walk in the tub, something that can be difficult if you have a bad foot or expect to be wheelchair-bound in the future. Walk-in tubs work for those who want to take baths,

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These types of tubs create a swing-out or swing indoor. These frameless shower door for tubs require more clearance in front of the tub and may burst open and flood the room (and the downstairs) if you fail to latch it properly.

They often require you to drop a latch pin in and if you forget, the door may fail. Swing indoors require the bather to step around the door when entering or exiting the tub. Some baths have a fold-up seat to give the bather lots of room to open and close the door without sacrificing a seat or door size.

What about the Cost?

Walk-in Tubs range from around $3000 – to over $25000. Most cost in the $6-$10000 range. Be aware that price doesn’t always equal quality. Tubs in both the lower and upper price ranges suffer from quality, poor design, and warranty problems.

The company selling the tub should be able to give you a price range on the phone and should have printed price lists available. Some rely on high-pressure in-home sales tactics instead of honest pricing. Installation can vary depending on the bathroom, speed of install, local building permit costs, and finishing work needed, but most installations are under $3500.

Make sure your tub and fixtures comply with local building and plumbing codes. They should be Iapmo or C-UPC or equivalent certified. Non-certified plumbing fixtures may affect your insurance and may be prohibited by your strata. All walk-in tubs require a  secondary drain in the door track to be certified.

Get the Measurements Right

How wide is the tub? Many tubs will not fit through narrow doorways and hallways. Before you buy, measure the doorways into the bathroom and make sure your tub will fit. The Liberty tub will fit through a 27″ doorway and the ADL Spa will fit through a 25″ doorway.

How big is the door of the tub? Can you easily walk through it? (hip width).

How big is the seat – width and depth? If it is too small, it can be very uncomfortable.

How high is the seat? Some tubs have seats that are only 9″ high. Generally, most people require that the seat be at least 16″ in order to stand up.

What is the water depth above the seat (to the overflow)? Some tubs only have 3-4″ above the seat in water depth.

How much water does it take to fill the tub? More water means a deeper soak, but with large models, you may need to replace your hot water tank and it may take a long time to fill.

What could go wrong with a walk-in tub?

There are some disadvantages to walk-in tubs. First, you must enter the tub and shut the door before turning on the water. Besides becoming impatient (and maybe chilly) while the tub fills, you could have difficulty getting the right water temperature.

Waiting for the bath to drain before you exit is another factor to consider. Although many of the walk-in bathtub manufacturers have addressed these problems with fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains, and temperature controls, these features also add to the total cost of the project.

Because the walk-in tubs are large, some people need new, powerful water heaters in order to use the tub properly. In this case, you must add the expense of a new water heater and its installation to the total cost.

As a homeowner and bathroom remodeler, finding the perfect style and type of bathtub for your bathroom is important. When thinking about types of bathtubs, it is important to know the affordability and the pros and con more specifically to your situation and family.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to updating your bathroom when it comes to bathtubs. Research is greatly important when thinking about a walk-in bathtub, please consider these five important facts about this type of tubs.


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