3 Popular Myths about Frameless Shower Doors

3 Popular Myths about Frameless Shower Doors-Debunked

If you’re interested in installing a frameless shower door for your bathroom, then you want to weigh all your options. Bathroom renovations are a big decision. You may have come across several pros and cons to installing frameless shower doors.

Chances are, some of those “cons” are indeed myths about frameless shower doors. We discovered three common myths about Frameless Shower Doors to avoid while making your bathroom renovation decision.

  1. Spontaneous Combustion: You’ve heard the story. A family of four has just installed their new frameless shower door. They couldn’t be more excited. The beautiful, slick paneling is everything they’d dreamed of and more. Then, one day, the door explodes unexpectedly. We don’t know where this myth originates, but we know it’s not true. In actuality, shower glass are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is made through a thermal heating process that makes the shower doors stronger than other types of glass.

It’s important to note that shower door explosions always have an underlying issue. There’s nothing spontaneous about it. Be wary of shower doors with cracks or nicks along its edges. If you notice any damage on your shower door, always consult a licensed, insured, and reputable glass installation company.

  1. Costly- When you hear, “bathroom renovation,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people assume any type of renovation is costly and time consuming. The truth is, a bathroom renovation is an investment. Frameless shower doors can last a life time if they’re installed properly and cared for. At Same Day Frameless Shower Door, we get the results you’re looking for the same day. We will quote in thirty minutes or less and try to install within 72 hours or less after measuring. Our expert technicians follow strict COVID-19 guidelines while adhering to strong customer services values. The installation process doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! We offer financing through Square Space and PayPal credit. Financing starts at 0% so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to afford your beautiful new frameless shower door.
  1. They Leak Water & Cause Mold- This couldn’t be further from the truth! Let’s begin with the first misconception. A proper frameless shower door does not cause water leakages. If a frameless shower door is prone to leaks, then it was poorly installed. Frameless shower doors have many elements that contribute to the bathroom’s overall safety and aesthetic. Expect Frameless Shower Doors to include elements such as a shower dam and a buttress to help prevent leakage.

Frameless Shower Doors do not cause mold either. In fact, frameless shower doors lowers your risk of attracting mold. Bathroom mold forms because of high moisture levels from long-term hot showers and baths. With traditional bathroom doors, mold is likely to get trapped in the aluminum frames. Frameless shower doors have no additional features that could trap water. This helps water drain at the end of each shower and bath saving homeowners time, money, and a trip to the doctor’s office.

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